Hatfield Woodhouse Circular

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Here is a circular route that actually leads you via Hatfield and Hatfield Woodhouse. It is a pleasant morning or afternoon wander,  predominantly through the fields surrounding the town and village but also along some of the highways and bridleways. Parts are quite flat and open with fresh air and space providing the greater appeal than the views. There are however 1 or 2 more lovely sections particularly to the south. The very small section of footpath running south of Hatfield High Street runs a mere 100m from the main road and yet offers a nicely contrasting picture of the town.

The route is well directed and the ground underfoot is primarily vehicle width track. There are large sections that follow the roads as well as some dyke side grassy routes. A few stiles can be found along this route but not many.


7.4 miles.


Numerous locations are suitable, but street parking if arriving by car is probably best found somewhere just off Hatfield High Street.

Here’s our route

Walking in an anti-clockwise route, here’s our directions.

  • 1. Walk south down Hatfield High Street from the Blue Bell Public House until you reach the entrance to Public Footway sign on your left. Follow this path. It starts near the residential home.
  • 2. This track is straight and eventually leads to Carr Side Lane where the route runs close to the motorway. Follow Carr Side Lane all the way until the right hand bend where you will need to cross both the motorway and Mosscroft Lane.
  • 3. Once safely across the road head left until you  see another footway sign at the entrance to Gate Wood Lane. This road turns to track after a few hundred metres. Follow this route directly south until you reach the West Moor Drain.
  • 4. At this point turn left and head east. This section runs behind the quarry/wetlands area eventually turning left and returning north towards Hale Hill Lane.
  • 5. This track is long and straight and will again eventually turn into a surfaced road. Stay on Hale Hill Lane until reaching Ancient Lane. Turn right. Here you start a section that follows the roadside footpath.
  • 6. Follow the road until the main Bawtry Road, turn left and head towards the Post Office. After turning the right hand bend there is an opportunity to follow a short cut back to Hatfield via the Epworth Road. Look for the Footway sign between the houses on your left. Alternatively stay on the main road until Remple Lane where you turn right.
  • 7. Follow the road, veering left onto Hollin Bridge Lane. Continue until you reach the small crossroads at the houses where you will turn left onto what will now be track once more. This section of the route will get smaller in width and will follow the dykes edge or through field all the way north until reaching the Sandtoft Road.
  • 8. Turn left on the Sandtoft Road, then right on the main Tudworth Road. Immediately on your left, again between the houses will be a small road that leads to the tracked footway. Follow the sign and head North until you reach the back of the HMYOI site.
  • 9. The path turns left as if to head towards the road and will then turn left once more to bring you south all the way back to Brierholme Carr Road. Once here, turn right at the main road and continue until heading over the motorway bridge to Hatfield.
  • 10. Opposite the sign to Hatfield Water Park turn left onto the Old Epworth Road. Follow the footpath sign that leads behind the houses of the High Street, crossing the stiles until eventually returning to your starting point at the Blue Bell.


Some grass footpath but in the main track and some bituminous roads. Predominantly flat. 1 or 2 stiles.


Full morning or afternoon.




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